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We are experienced in handling all types of marine insurance for both indemnity and liability classes.

We are hereby proud to announce the establishment of GMS Risk Sure that provide expert assistance where we are able to provide objective view on pre-construction work, as an important input to the decision-making process. With a team of industry expert, we are extremely well placed to perform solid, independent technical due diligence observation.

GMS Risk Sure

Dilapidation Survey is a pre-construction condition survey (or sometimes called Structural Survey) A dilapidation survey is done by a trained inspector to check the existing structural condition of the surrounding buildings and structures. The work benefits the local authority, contractor and owners of surrounding properties as necessary precautionary measures could be undertaken.


Assessment of the condition and hazard of the subject matter of insurance. A pro-active approach for the benefit of Underwriters and Assured.

Marine, Transit Survey, & Risk Management Survey

Assessing the nature of claims against policy coverage and amount claimable. Assisting Assured in the claims process in accordance with the policy terms and conditions.

Claims & Adjusting

Diversifying of offering and at the same time adding value to stakeholders, sharing of knowledge, and improving standard.

Consultancy & Training

Acting on behalf of financier, buyer, and assured for financing, purchasing, and sum insured purposes.




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